Revolutionise your business now with an Automated Reporting System

In the dynamic landscape of modern businesses, constantly evolving and in direct competition with one another, staying ahead requires more than just simple data. It demands real-time, quick and easily accessible insights, able to provide comprehensive visibility. Sequel Agency proudly presents our Automated Reporting System, a cutting-edge reporting platform crafted for B2B businesses. Discover a new era of automated reporting that offers unmatched flexibility and convenience.

The original purpose of the Automated Reporting System was to streamline the often lengthy processes of stock and budget analysis for our clients; however, it quickly became evident the true possibilities available that we could explore, to enhance this system into a truly one of a kind platform. 

Key Features to Transform Your Reporting Experience

Single Sign-On for Effortless Access
Simplify your workflow with our Single Sign-On feature. Access your reports seamlessly using existing Office 365 or Google Workspace accounts, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple logins.
Multiple Layouts for Visual Excellence
Tailor your data visualisation with diverse layouts – dashboards, tables, and charts. Choose the format that best suits your reporting needs for optimal visual representation.
Excel Export for Enhanced Analysis
Take command of your data with the Excel Export feature. Save reports to a spreadsheet for efficient filtering and sorting, providing a deeper understanding of your business dynamics.
PDF Exports and Scheduled Emails for Convenience
Effortlessly share or print reports with the PDF Export feature. Schedule email reports to capture data snapshots at specific intervals, ensuring you never miss a crucial moment.
Live Updating for Real-Time Decision-Making
Empower yourself with instant, up-to-date reports whenever you need them. The Live Updating feature ensures that you’re always equipped with the latest information from your business for informed decision-making.
Tailored Plans to Suit Your Business
Starting from as little as £39/user/month, begin your reporting journey with our flexible pricing plans. Our plans cater to various needs also offering options that can be customised to fit your budget, depending on the number of users.

A Stock Analysis Report example on the Automated Reporting System

The Automated Reporting System utilises a bespoke design where we take your branding, logos, colours and fonts to transform the system into a tool that will compliment your business. 

We work directly and collaboratively with you allowing us to develop with efficiency, matching your visions and needs with our expertise. Producing customised reports based on your chosen data insights, the system can be moulded to fit your daily business activities. From stock intake, missing items on orders, overdue invoice summaries, customer sales by product line and so much more, the reporting system is engineered to create a real-time view of exactly how your business is performing.

Ready to Revolutionise Your Reporting?

Request a demo to witness the power of our Automated Reporting System firsthand. Immerse yourself in the capabilities of our platform while discovering how it can elevate your business insights and maximise the potential of your data.

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