Why you need WMS software for your B2B company

Any business that deals with handling their own stock eventually runs into issues when it comes to Warehouse management.
Trying to manually keep track of incoming and outgoing orders, stock availability, picking and sorting can become a mammoth task that even the most experienced warehouse operatives will begin to struggle with.
Which is why implementing a WMS (Warehouse Management System) solution is crucial to keeping your company running smoothly once the load gets too much to bear. 

One of our clients, Paligap, ran into this exact problem when trying to get their Microsoft Dynamics Business Central system to function seamlessly for their warehouse management and order picking productivity. Their system was overwhelming and there wasn’t a simple solution to enable their warehouse operatives to be able to easily pick and pack orders without causing delays to sales order processing time.

When implementing Microsoft Dynamics Business Central out of the box it is impossible to work out what sales orders have stock and are available to pick
– Graham Smith, Paligap

So we worked with Paligap to develop a ‘Takeaway screen’ style solution for their Warehouse.
Much like the display screens you will see in a fast food chain (here’s looking at you McDonald’s), where the order comes through onto the screen with what is ready to be picked and the employees are able to simply follow the information, prepare the order and get it out to the customer. Clearing off any orders that have been processed ready to move on to the next.

We created a solution that queries information from Paligap’s Business Central Odata, which then checks all open sales orders against stock availability in the warehouses. This is then fed through to the WMS screen for their operatives to use, displaying the items from the orders that are ready to be picked and what is out of stock and needs to go on back order. Picked orders are then cleared easily off the screen as the system auto refreshes, ready for the next set of orders to be processed.

This simple yet powerful software solution has enabled Paligap to cut down massively on wasted order processing time and has exponentially increased their Warehouse Operatives productivity.

This gives us a great extension to Business Central and our Insight Works warehouse management solution. It gives staff in our warehouse a clear and simple to use dashboard to know what orders are ready to pick.
– Graham Smith, Paligap

Well what can we say just another day in the office for Sequel, taking names, saving lives, fighting for world peace.😁

Is your WMS working as well as it should? Well if any of the above issues sound all too familiar then get in touch with us now and we’ll see how we can help to speed up your Warehouse productivity!