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Live Hire Portal

Following the success of our website re-build collaboration, THX UK continued its digital evolution by partnering with us once again to develop, THX Live – My Hire Hub. A revolutionary online account portal designed to redefine the tool hire experience for specialist contractors.

Driven by the aim to streamline manual account management processes, THX Live was conceptualised. Our mission was clear: create a hub that not only enhances efficiency but also elevates the overall hire experience for customers. Faced with the need for automation and a user-friendly interface, our team embarked on developing a solution to meet these requirements.

The impact of THX Live is tangible, significantly improving their customers’ overall experience and operational efficiency. By ensuring essential hire information is readily available, user-friendly and automatically updated within one central hire hub, it has become a cornerstone of innovation. Interactive tools including a Hire Contract map and Hire Duration tools, provide transparency and visibility for all hire contracts.

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What We Did

  • Seamless integration of THX’s Syrinx database with the new My Hire Hub portal through our bespoke B2B Sync software
  • Implemented features to automate account management, reducing manual workload.
  • Exciting interactive tools, such as the interactive Hire Contracts map and Hire Duration tools, were created to provide users with transparency and visibility into their hire contracts.
  • Designed an intuitive interface for easy navigation and seamless user experience.
  • Optimised the order process for a more efficient, streamlined and user-centric experience.
  • Implemented robust notifications control for instant and real time updates.
  • Facilitated seamless communication between THX and their clients through the online portal.

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