How to enable custom time slots on Microsoft 365 Bookings

an image of a booking system created via Microsoft Bookings on an iPad and iPhone, surrounded by colourful paperclips.

Enhance Your Booking Experience with Sequel: The Solution to Microsoft 365 Booking System Limitations

Are you an Office 365 user frustrated with the limitations of Microsoft’s ‘Bookings’ app? Microsoft 365 offers a host of free tools that many businesses do not take advantage of, however the bookings app falls short when it comes to trying to provide booking time slots outside of rigid 15 minute increments. Want your customers to be able to book a specific 10:05am appointment for example? Or book in a meeting that’s longer than 4 hours? It seems nearly impossible, especially with the limits Microsoft 365 Bookings currently enforces with booking pages.

Microsoft has long been criticised for their lack of customisation options available with the bookings app and according to their Roadmap they have no plans in the immediate or near future to rectify this issue, leaving both businesses and their customers extremely frustrated.

Introducing Sequel’s Graph API-Powered Solution

At Sequel, we understand your struggles, and we’re here to introduce a game-changing solution that will revolutionise your booking experience. Say goodbye to those rigid time slots and hello to seamless customisation! Let’s explore how we’ve leveraged the power of Microsoft’s Graph API, available to use with Office 365 subscriptions, to provide you with unrestricted booking freedom.

Our expert team at Sequel has cracked the code, with our innovative approach you can now seamlessly pick both your preferred meeting space and set the exact start and end time for your appointments. Imagine the convenience of tailor-made bookings that fit perfectly into your busy schedule! 

An image showing a booking system implemented by Microsoft 365, without the limitations of it's integrated Bookings system due to an enhancement by Sequel
an image showing the Microsoft Office 365 Booking system, with enhancements by Sequel to be able to choose your appointment duration and specific time slot

Case Study

Our commitment to enhancing the booking experience extends beyond theory. We’ve already implemented our solution for one of our clients as seen above. With our system in place, they are not only able to book meetings seamlessly, but staff members can also book parking spaces for extended durations—far beyond the limitations imposed by Microsoft Bookings. This enhancement has streamlined their operations and enabled their team to manage parking arrangements with unparalleled ease.

Embrace the Future of Bookings with Sequel

In a world where time is of the essence, a flexible and seamless booking system can make all the difference. Sequel’s Graph API-powered solution unlocks the true potential of your Office 365 suite, giving you the freedom to customise booking time slots with ease.

Ready to revolutionise your booking process? Partner with Sequel today and take charge of your appointments like never before. Let us transform your Office 365 experience into a seamless journey, tailored exclusively for you and your customers. Get in touch with us now and discover the power of Sequel’s cutting-edge business solutions!