A new responsive E-commerce website with custom web design and system integration with Microsoft Business Central.

Alé needed a more intuitive and streamlined site that would allow their customers to quickly and easily order their club’s kit, saving them hours of their time where previously they would have had to manually manage team orders. Therefore the website was built to include customer bespoke pricing, full order history, secure invoice storage and a custom account portal for club’s to easily manage their bespoke orders.

Sequel custom built an API for the Alé website to help automate many of their ordering, warehouse and stock control processes. In turn, this has significantly reduced the amount of manual labour required from Alé to keep their business running smoothly.

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  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • E-commerce
  • System Integration with Microsoft Business Central
  • Consultation


Our Italian clothing brand Alé offers a great range of custom cycle kit available to clubs, organisations and businesses. We were left with a problem as we were not just selling standard products on a standard website. We needed to create a platform that could manage collecting and handling the orders of each individual rider and then compile the orders.

Firstly we looked at the landing page to promote the service and came up with an easy step by step process so potential customers found it easy to understand and to get in touch to find out more.

The next part was the unique club shop page where our customers get their own link and the website dynamically changes to their club design. In addition to this we can output the order windows and deadlines on the their own shop page. This has been a huge advantage too as the club shop is now one of the key selling points of our custom kit. It makes it so easy and clear for organisers to automate this process as opposed to having to individually handle and manage every single kit order.

We used the standard functionality of the website to retail our standard ranges of Alé kit. We can now offer so much choice by sharing the extended ranges online to a wider audience who may not have been able to purchase the items we had in stock.

All of these processes have been synced to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which is our Business Management solution which handles all aspects of stock, orders, warehousing and so on via an API developed by Sequel.

Graham Smith, Alé